We know that
Pain is worse
When carried alone.
And we ask,
"Does anyone know
My hurt,
My loss,
And my pain?"
Yes, there is one who knows.
The Pain Bearer knows
Your hurt,
Your loss,
And more
He knows
Its price.
Your pain
Is real to Him;
As real as the
Lashings across His back,
The piercing of his hands,
And the laceration
Of the twisted thorn crown.
He knows your pain


Each week I update this page with another sample poem from my book of poems.

The poem, Extreme Knowledge, a Poem about His Choice, is found on page 8 of my book Beyond These Dark Lands Are Edges of Joy, Words of Comfort and Hope. Published 2018. 

Illustration for the poem
EXTREME KNOWLEDGE, A Poem about His Choice
From the book
Beyond these Dark Lands Are Edges of Joy,
By A.E. Dozat © 2018

In our times where people pass through loss and defeat in solitude and isolation, this book offers comfort that we do not need to go alone.  Share it with a friend and afterword ask them about it, this could begin a dialogue that may lead to healing and hope. 


We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all. Isaiah 53:6, NIV

A Poem about His Choice 

EXTREME KNOWLEDGE, A Poem about His Choice © A.E. Dozat, 2018