A passion for poetry has filled my writing for decades. I have been fortunate to have been included in magazines and collections over the years.
     I am not a philosopher, academic, psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor or clergyman. I am just a man who has worked for the last fifty-something years as a janitor, custodian, mailroom clerk, carpet cleaner, door to door salesman, call center operator, artist, house mover, cashier, crew chief and a machine shop apprentice.
     I am just a regular blue collar 9 to 5 kind of guy, who still works a regular job to pay the bills. I write from my experiences for everyday people like me.
     The difference in my writing is my practical day to day faith in God; a faith I found in 1972 through a gospel relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
     My Prayer is that my writing will help others find a deeper faith in God.

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Illustration from poem, Estimation, page 69, © 2018 A.E. Dozat 
Share this book with someone who is going through a difficult time and as they read the Poems and the Gospel verses God may work in their hearts so when they read the explanation of the Gospel at the back they are ready to come to saving faith.