Softback,  114 pages
ISBN 978-5323-6838-7
    I wrote these poems to give comfort and courage to those who are struggling with their deepest and darkest pains.  The words of this collection offer inspiration and hope for when you feel lost in the darkest place.
     Each poem is illustrated with ink drawings done by the author, many of which show a road taking you through the land.
     Every page has a scripture of encouragement.
     The book ends with an appendix where the Gospel is presented in a way that is relevant to a person going through difficult times.  

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Softback, 90 pages.
ISBN 9780578673769
We all have times when we face a new start. Maybe, you need to rebuild your world because a job ended, a dream failed, or some other loss. Maybe, you are pursuing a vision or life goal. Maybe, God is bringing you to a new place of service, excitement, and adventure.  Whatever the reason, if you're starting over, starting again, or just starting, then these poems will encourage, comfort, and inspire you.
These are poems for everyday people, they are not full of vague metaphors and philosophical references, in short, you can understand them. 
     This collection offers hope and courage. 
     Each poem is illustrated with ink drawings by the author, the illustrations make it a perfect gift book for a friend or loved one. 
      Each poem is accompanied by a scripture of hope.
      The book ends with an explanation of the Gospel in the context of a new beginning.