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Softback, 114 pages, published by the author, printed in USA,

Copyright March 1, 2017

ISBN 978-5323-6838-7


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Illustration for poem, The Passing Shadow,
Page 21, © 2018 A.E. Dozat
     The poems in this collection are arranged in chapters. The poems themselves are short.
     Each poem is illustrated with ink drawings done by the author, many of which show a road taking you through the land.
     Each poem is accompanied by a scripture of encouragement, many of these scriptures are known as "Salvation verses."
     The book ends with an appendix where the Gospel is presented in a way that is relevant to a person going through difficult times.  

This is the book you will be glad to on hospital visitations, counseling visits, shut in vistation or to give out with food pantry/ meals on wheels ministry.  


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